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Rajanigandha Guesthouse Galudih – Pallet full of natural beauty..!!!

Galudih is a small hamlet situated by the river Subarnarekha on the lap of the Dalma Mountain range. The place is gifted with its own natural beauty and tribal culture. One needs to come here to believe and experience the Region of Galudih.

Rajanigandha Guest house at Galudih , is a beautiful Hilltop forest bungalow ,surrounded by green foliage . From Rajanigandha Guesthouse one could view the surroundings of Galudih , where the Guesthouse watches over the flowing Subarnarekha river maneuvering its way through the Mountain range . Bang in front of Rajanigandha, is standing the extravagant Dalma mountain range, all the more making the Guesthouse a honeycomb of natural forest beauty. The Rajanigandha Guest House is very different from any hotel which one usually visits. In other words, it has a very touching homely Presence amidst the tranquility of nature.

Rajanigandha Guest house was a Dream House of Mr Satyabrata Paul, built by him as a weekend destination from Kolkata , to escape the daily hustling bustling of the busy Metro. The Guesthouse has a broad terrace extension, where one could sit and relax to enjoy the view of the Dalma range and the Subarnarekha river cutting through it. The rooms are big, equipped with the basic requirements, like pillows, blankets, huge beds, attached bathrooms with Western Toilets. As mentioned earlier, Rajanigandha Guesthouse has a homely atmosphere , guests coming here hardly spend their time in their room , most of their time are spent , lazing out on the terrace or in the long drawing room watching TV.
Some glimps of the bungalow and its surroundings  
Galudih Rajanigandha Guesthouse Santhal Dance  


Sunset at Rajanigandha Guest House Galudih

We all know , tourists travelling to any destinations in the world , whether by the Sea , to the mountains , forests or Deserts, have one itinerary in common , that is, viewing the Sun rise and Sun set . Guests boarding at Rajanigandha Guest House Galudih are very fortunate. They can view the sun set while sitting on the terrace to see the beautiful Sun God gradually dip down in the western sky and disappear behind the Dalma mountain range while exhibiting its calm red look.


Full Moon night in Rajanigandha Guest house Galudih

offers an exclusive platter of silver beauty. Guests who have been lucky to get a place here during this time have narrated their experience – as follows. “No sooner the Sun went down , the view of the place totally transformed, inculcating a smooth shiny silver reflection of the moon that showered upon the entire region . It seemed , Galudih had come under a beautiful magic spell, where , the trees of the forest and the Dalma mountain range had again woken up to exhibit a different valor of beauty , with the Subarnarekha river steering its way With a new silver shining look . It viewed, as if streaks of silver fire had encroached the entire atmosphere. One would need to come here during this time to believe it ….”

Full Moon nights are best during summer. Surprisingly the region becomes very Photogenic during summer for the clear sky…..!!!!


Monsoons at Rajanigandha Guest house Galudih

From the beginning of mankind, Man has always been closely associated with natural water bodies and rain to fulfill their conventional and emotional needs .Authors from World across have elaborately displayed the beauty of rain in their , stories, poems, Songs , plays.. etc. The monsoon season in Galudih speaks for herself with the beauty of the rain that nourishes the region with green forestry. The fervency of the freshly growing leave on the trees and the moist red soil gives the essence of Rejuvenation of new life in the region. While sitting on the Hill top at Rajanigandha Guest house one could enjoy a thrilling experience of the falling rain showering its self on the tree tops making a lyrical Sound, that we could hardly get to hear in a Metro City.

For a Globe trotter, Forest lover , travel freak and photographer , all days are favorable at Galudih.

Places To Visit

Galudih Market

Galudih has a small local market for visitors, where one would get two ATMs , cyber cafe , medicinal shop and doctors chamber. At Galudih along the “Haatchali road” visitors would find the very popular traditional “HAAT” which happens to be more than 100 years old and opens on Friday and Monday. It is much rewound, as all the native people of the region come together to do their bit of weekly buying and selling. Here we would find tribal people of the region selling vegetables grown in their kitchen garden. Country chicken is popularly sold in this market , along with the fresh fishes caught from the Subarnarekha river followed By the most favorite country goat meat. If one is lucky, one could also get to see the traditional Cock Fight which is ceremoniously held in the HAAT during the market hours. This HAAT is Just 3 minutes Westward walk from Rajanigandha Guest House .It usually begins in the afternoon at 1PM and continues till sunset ..

Places to Visit in and near Galudih
1) Subarnarekha River , 10 Minutes walk from Rajanigandha Guest House.
2) Almost 100 year old HAAT , held on Fridays and Monday 3 Minutes walk from Rajanigandha Guest House .
3) Dalma forest Elephant corridor – 8 Kms Approx
4) At Jamshedpur - Jubilee Park, Dimna lake ( 45 KM Approx)
5) At Ghatshila — Bibhuti Bhushan’s House and Phuldungri (Small hill or Tila)
6) Pancha Pandav - 5 Km from Ghatshila ( figure of the five brothers)
7) Satgurum river and Duarsini 12 to 15 km from Galudih
8) Dharagiri falls 19 Kms (approx)
9) Jadugora uranium mines 24 kms (approx)
10) Maa Rumkini Temple 15 minutes walk from The Guest House by the Mumbai road.
11) Ancient Shiva Lingam at Phulpal village .
12) Village of the tribal people who earn their living by fishing in the Subarnarekha River .
13) Burudi lake 6 km from Galudih , place for fishing and boating
14) An Ancient Shiva Lingam more than 150 years old, found from the bed of The Subarnarekha River by a temple Purahit ( Grandfather of Biswajit Panda). The temple is in Galudih close to the house of Biswajit Panda. 15 minutes walk from Rajanigandha Guesthouse.

Package Tour

TOUR PACKAGE - For 2 night, 3 days for 4 heads and above. NON A/C rooms.

Package with Fooding, lodging and sightseeing.  3100/- per head, for 4 heads and above.

Places to visit
1st day

* Pick up form Galudih station by Auto, then Welcome Tea
* Rest at Guest house; followed by Lunch
* After Lunch, by Indica Car, visit Galudih Dam, Sidheshwar paharRankini MandirJadugora Uranium mines return guest house by Sun set
* After rest, followed by Evening Snacks and Dinner

2nd day
* After Breakfast, by 8:30 AM, by Indica Car visit Binod Baba, 102 year old Sadhu at Rankini Mandir Galudih.
* Then visit Burudih lake (do boating there), visit Dharagiri Falls, Phooldungri Pahar, Bibhutibhushans HouseSubarnarekha RiverHCL Gate, Raat Mohona, return to guest house by Lunch
* After rest, followed by Evening Snacks and Dinner

3rd day
* After Breakfast, by 9 AM. By Indica Car, visit Duarsini ForestSatgurung river
* Then Bhalo Pahar, at Bhalo Pahar meet Mr. Kamal Chakraborty a very popular Bengali writer, who runs an NGO
* Return to Guest house, have Lunch and drop at Galudih station by Auto within 2:45 PM

1st day

* Welcome Tea
* Lunch (Rice, torkari, daal, alu bhaja, salad, fish curry, chatni)
* Evening Snacks (veg pakora and tea)
* Dinner (Chicken curry,  rice/roti, torkari, chatni OR Chilly chicken, Fried-rice and Chatni).

2nd day
* Early Morning Bed Tea 
* Breakfast (Tea, luchi torkari OR Bread butter Omlet)
* Lunch (Rice, torkari, daal, alu bhaja, salad, fish curry, chatni)
* Evening Snacks (veg pakora and tea)
* Dinner (Chicken curry,  rice/roti, torkari, chatni OR Chilly chicken, Fried-rice and Chatni).

3rd day
* Early Morning Bed Tea 
* Breakfast (Tea, luchi torkari OR Bread butter Omlet)
* Lunch (Rice, torkari, daal, alu bhaja, salad, fish curry, chatni)

Getting There

How to reach Galudih Rajanigandha Guest house..???
Rajanigandha Guest House is 7 minutes walking from The Galudih Railway station and 10 minutes from the Mumbai road (NH 33).

Connectivity By Train
The station of Galudih had only been stoppages for Local trains and goods train.
Mr Satyabrata Paul made the effort and took the initiative of upgrading the railway communication and making a stoppage for two express trains
1) Ispath Express, 2) SHM, LTT Express

Train NameTrain noDestination FromDestination ToDepartureArrivalAvailability
Ispath Express12871HowrahGaludih6:55 AM10:15 AMall 7 days
Ispath Express12872GaludihHowrah3:08 PM6:50 PMall 7 days
SHM,LTT Express18030Shalimar HowrahGaludih3:00 PM7:21 PMAll 7 days
SHM,LTT Express18029GaludihShalimar Howrah7:42 AM12:25 PMAll 7 days
LAL MATI EXPRESS12866GhatshilaHowrah16:58 PM20:20 PMMonday and Tuesday

However, there are many Local trains that connect to Galudih from Howrah and Kharagpur .
Galudih is also well connected by local train from Jamshedpur as well.

Connctivity by Road
Galudih is approx 235 KM from Kolkata Via NH 6 and NH 33.It falls by the Mumbai Road (NH 33) 8 KM after crossing Ghatsila.
It is also 42 Kms approx from Jamshedpur by road .
Adventurous Drive by road to Rajanigandha Guesthouse Galudih
Good news..!!!!
For guests who love driving through adventurous roads crossing forests, mountains and Tribal villages, should take the under mentioned road map, as follows…
Start from Kolkata by NH 6 and reach Gojasimul 157 Kms .(on the way to Jamshedpur).
From Gojasimul – Lodhasuli- Garro- Baria- Jhargram town (take the fly over to reach Dahijuri).
From Dahijuri – Silda –Belpahari-Dabar- Jhilimilli-Banduan.
From Banduan starts the Elephant corridor. After crossing Banduan reach Mangal- Bhalopahar
From Bhalopahar – Duarsini - Galudih – Haat Chali Road Rajanigandha Guesthouse Galudih.
Total distance to be covered 304 kms approx, 69 kms more from the other route. Total time to be taken would be close to 6 hours , but it would be worth it…!!!
It is advisable to travel during the day through this route..!!!


Please visit the place…!!!.
As per the version of all our guests who have visited the Guesthouse
“ It is a Home away from home that one would love to visit again and again”….!!!!

*** This is a private Property. Rights of admission are reserved (restricted), Booking or No Booking...

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